Hello, I'm Scott Newman.

I make computers do things. Sometimes I write about it.

I also do stuff with my voice and make music.

My Latest Writing

The Idioms of Robert Johnson

Published: 01/24/2022

I found a great article that explains many of the idioms Robert Johnson uses in his songs. I transcribed them from an 1989 article of a magazine called “78 Quarterly” by Stephen Calt. They help make sense of Johnson's sometimes impenetrable lyrics.

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My Python Cheat Sheet

Published: 01/14/2022 , Updated: 01/14/2022

There are a handful of things I do in Python all the time but I can never remember the syntax for, so I'm making myself a cheat sheet. Hopefully others will find this useful as well.

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My Podcasts

Tinsel Tunes

The Tinsel Tunes podcast goes into great detail about Christmas music. Full of fun and interesting facts, it will get you into the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning is a weekly morning show... ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

Jingle Jank

The Jingle Jand podcast showcases obscure and offbeat Christmas music found on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Basewinner Podcast

The Basewinner Podcast takes sabermetrics data and turns it into actionable betting information.